Apex Legends Best Guns – Top 15 Weapons Ranked

With the launch of Apex Legends you got introduced to a whopping 19 different weapons, having the knowledge in what are the best weapons for Apex Legends can greatly decrease your looting time. As you will know what to look for!

With so many weapons to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to say at least. You’ll also have to find out what weapons fits your individual playstyle, as you might expect, slow firing weapons often have greater damage dealt.

Usually, a mix of a fast-firing weapon and a high damage gun, like a sniper or Wingman handgun, is ideal to be flexible to different situations. You probably won’t win any games of Apex Legends Battle Royale without getting your hands on solid and reliebly weapons, there is a reason why not all weapons are equally easy to find.

best weapons in apex legends

When you first start out it’s hard to know if the gun you just found is worth replacing your current or even picking up. To help you get a better understanding of what weapons you want to keep your eye on, we have made this comparison guide where we rank the greatest weapons you can find.

We’ll update this guide as more and more weapons are getting added to the game or nerfs of buffs har implemented thru patch notes. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the first weapon!

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Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

To get a quick overlook we created this Apex Legends weapon tier list, where you should get an idea what you should keep your eyes on while looting. Keep in mind, every gamers playstyle is different and these guns require a different type of skills. Some you’ll have a very limited amount of ammo making your aim the number one weapon. Others have a high fire rate or high magazine capacity, and each has its advantages in various situations.

Either way, let’s have a look at the teir list of all the weapons (currently) in the game.

S-Tier (Legendary)Mastiff, Kraber
A-TierSpitfire, Flatline, Peacekeeper, Eva-8, R-99, R-301 Carbine
B-TierG7 Scout, Longbow, Devotion, Hemlok, Prowler, Havoc
C-TierAlternator, Re-45, Triple Take
D-TierMozambique, P2020

Best Guns in Apex Legends

15. Mozambique

worst gun in apex legends

Mozambique, often confused as a pistol but actually is a shotgun. We think that every Apex Legend player can relate to finding this weapon, everywhere. Wherever you land, you’ll find a Mozambique. It’s so uncomfortable to handle and a mag size of only 4 and no mag attachments available, it’s safe to say it’s one of the worst guns in Apex.

The damage is somewhat okay, but it takes so long to use. The reload animation is long, and the accuracy is even worse. Many argue if it’s even worth picking up or save your time for looting.

The Mozambique has become a joke on the subreddit for Apex Legends as it so unbelievably common. Either way, comparing it to other weapons it easily takes the last place.

14. Alternator


First SMG on the list is the Alternator, with a quite high rate of fire of 640 rounds per minute. However, the damage is terrible, and if you ever pick this up, you’ll probably switch it out in a matter of minutes.

The magazine capacity of only 16 will make it extremely hard to finish an enemy without having to reload once or twice. You’ll often find yourself in a worse position engaging with this, than avoiding combat until you’ll find something better.

The only logical reason to pick this is up is if you literally land on it and you have opponents near you. Otherwise, keep searching! It also has a weird crosshair compared to other weapons.

13. RE-45

RE-45 Apex legends

It was a hard pick to place the RE-45 before or after the Alternator. However, with the insane rate of fire for being a pistol, it beats the SMG. The damage is lower but is much more accurate, mainly because you can use a barrel with this thing.

While having good aim, this can down an enemy easily close combat. It’s actually a quite decent pick at landing and with the light ammo, it’s easy to maintain and many attachments available.

Compared to the assault rifles or machine guns, there is not much to think about nevertheless.

12. Hemlok


Hemlok is a burst firing assault rifle of three rounds, and it’s quite bad without any attachments. Getting there with a slow burst mode can result in many unlucky eliminations, especially if you’re up against someone with a gun with high RPM.

The only reasonable range for this weapon is mid-range, and that’s not good enough for a battle royale. The damage is rather high. Still, you are locked with the burst mode, which is the biggest drawback and the slow fire rate.

11. Spitfire


The light machine guns in Apex Legends aren’t that popular, mainly because it’s such a fast-paced gamed and a machine gun is a little bit bulky. However, a fully kitted out Spitfire can be quite useful. Especially the stock and barrel stabiliser to compensate for the heavy recoil.

If you’re a passive player, this can be a viable pick, holding a door or tight corner. However, it will take quite some time before it’s somewhat enjoyable. If you run by it and have nothing of value, pick it up!

10. Prowler


There is one major drawback to the Prowler; it’s a burst weapon by default. With such a high rate of fire, it’s a waste of potential going burst mode. However, with the Selectfire Receiver hop-up attachment it lets you switch to fully automatic.

If that were by default, this gun would be much higher up on the list. Additionally, it fires heavy ammo at 800 bullets per minute; you’ll make massive damage with this thing. The Prowler is not super frequent, and neither the Selectfire Receiver hop-up, making it challenging to get to often.

In a battle royale game, you don’t want to rely on uncertainty and even more if you want to perform evenly. We’re therefore placing this at number 12.

9. Devotion

Devotion apex

Not many are a fan of the Devotion machine gun as it uses energy ammo. Currently, there is only two guns that use that in Apex Legends, so it’s hard to make a good combo with another gun. Also, the energy ammo is quite hard to find, and this gun has a fire rate of 900 rounds per minute making it less ideal.

Without the hop-up Turbocharger, its no way near it’s fullest potential making it every rarer to equip. If you get a fully kitted Devotion with plenty of ammo, it’s a dream for the more passive player. Anyone who enters your building will get a pleasant surprise.

As the Turbocharger builds up, you are quite vulnerable if you are without coverage. So as of now, its a refreshing addition to the game but too unreliable to take it seriously.

8. Longbow

Longbow sniper

The DMR sniper Longbow the perfect pick for long-range, anything else, you’ll have a hard time. The fire rate is prolonged and the stock mag of 5 bullets makes it hard to deliver with it. However, it has a total of five attachments you can add, making it a more reliable pick. However, it will most likely take your half the game or more to max it out.

As expected with such low features, it has insane damage. Making it a solid sniper pick at long distances, but that is also why we place it further down. Hitting an enemy so far away will very rarely down an opponent at full health, and as you are so far away, it’s quite easy to take cover and heal. By the time you get to them, it’s too late.

That’s mainly our reason why think snipers are not ideal in Apex Legends, as of now. If you’re a skilled player with a close-range scope on a Longbow, going for a more close combat approach. It might be a viable option with a high rate of fire weapon to finish it off.

7. Flatline

apex flateline weapon

Even though this is the next highest damage assault rifle, it’s hard to make it work in the late game. The low rate of fire and no barrel attachment, there are better options out there. Without the barrel, you’ll miss large recoil reduction, which is something you want.

If you’ll find it the early-game, it’s worth picking it up but you will probably find something better later down the road.

6. Eva-8 Auto

eva-8 auto

The Eva-8 Auto shotgun is a pretty solid pick; it has a high rate of fire for being a shotgun and a stock mag of 8 bullets, making it a little more unforgiving than the Peacemaker. However, it lacks attachments and only has two available and shoots nine pellets compared to Peacemaker’s eleven.

It’s automatic and is perfectly fine for most players. Great for going after low health opponents or breaking shield of downed enemies. If your play style is aggressive and often find your self pushing houses, this can save you many times.

If again, compared to the Peacemaker shotgun, the DPS has a considerable difference, and we find this one even to be slightly less common. If you like to pick up a shotgun and this one is the first you come by, go for it. It’s not bad, but there is a better option.

5. R-99


Next up, the SMG R-99 which has an insane rate of fire of 1060 rounds per minute, that will surprise your opponents. Pick this up and it might very well be your weapon for the entire match, an excellent pick for the aggressive player.

The biggest drawback is also the fire rate, you will have massive recoil to account for, and the standard mag is only 18 bullets. Also it can be quite tricky to hit people as it will go so fast until your mag is completely empty. With such low damage, it’s crucial you hit most of your bullets.

Luckily, this weapon has both the barrel and mag attachments, find them at level 3, and this gun is a beast.

4. Wingman

wingman apex legends

The Wingman, just an absolute crazy pistol. We don’t think you’ve seen any streamer not running around with this thing and getting tens of kills per game. You’ll definitely need a good aim with this revolver. The most surprising thing with this gun is that it does 45 damage on a body shot, thats huge for a pistol that is relatively easy to handle compared to a sniper.

If you’re accurate with the Wingman you are deadly to say at least. However, there are a few critical attachments to this gun for making it viable in the late-game.

The stock mag only holds 6 bullets, with an extended mag you can increase that all the way up to 12. The special hop-up attachment will also make a huge difference, the Skullpiercer Rifling. Essentially, what that does is it increases the damage of headshots, but even the base model of Wingman does the job at 90 damage.

With great accuracy, high damage and suitable for many different situations, it’s one of the best weapons in the game.

3. Mastiff


We were not quite sure if we would include the Mastiff shotgun on the list or not. As this is not a weapon you’ll look for while looting, it can only be obtained from air drops, and you’ll know when you got it. It does wild damage that comes with several drawbacks. However, this is not a weapon you leave behind if you ever come across it, period.

First, there is no ammo to found, the ammo in the shotgun while you find it is what you get. Furthermore, the mag is only 4 bullets.

Also don’t get fooled by the damage, unlike any other shotgun in Apex Legends this one shoots its pellets in a horizontal line. They are making it extremely hard to hit every single pallet on somewhat distance unless you are very up close. If you are tough, it most definitely a one shot.

Either way, if you find it replace it with whatever weapon you’re currently using. It’s extremely good late-game as the circle gets small.

2. Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper in Apex Legends

While the damage of the Peacekeeper is impressively high, that is if you hit all the eleven pellets of the shotgun spread. The closer you are, the more pellets you’ll (hopefully) hit. With the precision choke attachment hop-up, you’ll tighten the spread, making it even more deadly.

The fire rate is meagre, so there is not much room for mistakes, but when you hit it’s often a one or two shot kill. The Peacekeeper is a favourite secondary weapon of many professional players and can save you from many close combat battles.

It’s excellent for finishing off down enemies or breaking shields as well. Even without the attachments its a solid pick, and the Peacekeeper is rather commonly found around the map. We place this higher than Mastiff because you’ll rarely find it.

1. R-301

best assault rifle in apex legends

Currently the best assault rifle in Apex Legends with unbelievable accuracy, loaded with full attachments it might very well be the greatest gun in the game. With a solid rate of fire with 720 bullets per minute, you’ll have no problem downing your opponents.

Suprinsgly it uses light ammo as well, which is much more common than heavy. Making it an even more reliable pick. Getting eliminations with this is so satisfying. 

The biggest drawback is the mag size of only 18, therefore making an extended mag crucial in the late-game. The R-301 makes a good gun combo with many other weapons (like wingman) in Apex Legends and is a trustworthy pick when things get dangerous quickly.

Best Mouse for Apex Legends in 2019

Logitech G Pro

Final words

We hope you have enjoyed this list of weapons in Apex Legends, and if you did make sure to share it! There are a few other things that are worth knowing, how the weapons behave and how the bullets are affected by the physics in the Apex universe.

Let’s have a look!

There is a bullet drop in Apex Legends where the bullets you shoot will eventually drop. Making long-range shots, you’ll have to account for the drop to hit your targets. Many scopes in Apex has a great indication of the distance and how much higher you have to aim.

The only gun that has no bullet drop is the Havoc with the single-shot mode.

There is no hitscan in Apex Legends; every bullet has a travel time which you have to account for when making long-range shots.

Many former professional CS:GO players are used to a specific spray pattern, and in Apex Legends there is one as well for every each weapon.

This enables competitive and skilled players to invert the movement to make more accurate sprays. Forget random bloom and random bullet hits, a great way to learn the spray patterns is merely to spray on a wall in the training mode and learn its pattern.

Supringsly enough there is no damage drop off in Apex Legends. Which means every bullet hits for maximum damage regardless of distance. Even the shotguns do max damage at long ranges.

However, hitting all pallet of a shotgun far-distance is nearly impossible though.

The only gun that has drop-off is the Havoc single-shot mode, which is a hitscan.

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