Apex Legends Pro Settings – Sensitivity, Setup & Gear

We have a new Battle Royale game on the block, and it’s delightful! The game Apex Legends have already had over 2 million concurrent players and over 25 million downloads in its first couple of weeks. The success has been impressive, and we think the game is very much worth it!

With its spontaneous release on PC and both PlayStation and Xbox, they went for the free-to-play model that we all are so familiar by now. Moreover, the question we’ll ask now is: what is the best pro settings for Apex Legends? We put together this comparison list so you can get a better idea yourself. We are comparing settings, gear, mouse sensitivity and setup, proven to work for the most talented gamers in the world. This list is a work in progress and will be updated frequently, if you find any information that is not up to date, leave us a message and we’ll confirm it and update it.

Apex Legends is another video game in the famous battle royale genre, the game engine and concept is from the game Titanfall 2. However, this time 30 years later in the Titanfall universe. Many where expecting Titanfall 3 to come out, but where surprised when Apex Legends was released instead. Apex is different from other battle royale games because you have to pick a hero before every game, which gives you specific abilities that are categorized being either Defensive, Offensive, Healing or a Damage dealer.

This gives the game a unique and fresh touch to the king-of-the-hill style and gives the experience another dimension of smart decision making. Right now you can only play games as a squad of three, but we expect solo and duo setups will come in the future. Two of the most appreciated features of Apex Legends are that you can bring a downed friend back to life, making squads to leave early less frequent and the communication with a unique ping system that is quite outstanding compared to other games.