25 Apex Legends Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

Apex Legends is a relatively new battle royale game from Respawn and EA. It came out of nowhere and has got millions of players because of some of its unique features. Unlike other battle royale games you can only play in squads of 3 and there are a total of 60 players in a single game. This means that your average game is shorter than a typical battle royale title.

If you are interested in learning some new tips and tricks about the game then you have come to the right place. Here we have 25 tips about Apex Legends that you might not know. These are great if you are new to the game or just need more information in order to get better.

Apex Legends Tips And Tricks

The following are some important Apex Legends tips that you should keep in mind if you are new to the game or just want to get better.

25. Choose The Legend According To Your Playstyle

Getting the Legend that matches your playstyle is going to take you a long way. Legends are equal when it comes to strength, speed and firepower. What sets them apart is their abilities. Pick the one that matches the way you play and compliments the rest of your squad. If you want to act as a shield between your squad and the enemy then you should pick Gibraltar. If you want to help your team travel long distances fast, then you should pick Pathfinder. If you are interested in being the healer then you can pick Lifeline. You can try different Legends in order to see which one fits you the best.

24. Stick With The Squad

While this might not seem like a major tip, if you are playing with random players then you might not find it worth sticking with your squad but doing so will give you a better chance of winning the game. Work together to keep each other safe. You can outplay the enemy by combining different abilities.

Wraith can use the Dimensional Rift ability to flank the enemy while Caustic can protect your team with the Nox gas that will drive away enemies and cause panic amongst their ranks.

23. Effective Communication

Communication is key in Apex Legends and the ping system allows you to communicate valuable information without a microphone. You can tell your mates about where gear is, where you are headed and the location of enemies. Effectively coordinating with your team is going to lead you to victory. This is a multiplayer game so communication is going to be very important indeed.

22. Use Jump Towers And Hot Zones To Your Advantage

The map is filled with objects that you can use to your advantage. Jump Towers let you fly up into the air and then skydive back down to the ground. This can be used to cross the map quickly.

Hot Zones give you access to high tier loot. This can come in handy early on in the game. Respawn beacons can bring players back to life. You should try out these features in order to use them against your enemy effectively.

21. Loot Everything

You never know what you are going to find and you should loot anything that can be used. Things like body armor, weapon attachments and backpack upgrades allow you to pick up more items. Your inventory system tells you if a gear piece or weapon is better than what you already have. This will keep you from picking up a lower tier weapon or gear piece.

Friendly players can help spot and pinpoint locations of items that you might need. This is another area where the ping system comes in handy as you don’t need a mic to communicate this information. Fallen enemies will drop loot and you should loot them as well.

apex Kicking doors

20. Doors Can Be Blocked And Destroyed

Abilities and skills like death boxes and gas traps can block doors but you can still bring them down. If you find yourself behind a door that will not open you can take it down by using a grenade or your melee attack. You will need to test this in order to get used to it but once you have figured it out you will learn to use this to your advantage. You can also shoot the handle of a door to open it. This can be used to fool your enemy into thinking that you are walking into a door when you are actually far away.

19. Two Kinds Of Supply Drops

There are two kinds of supply drops in the game right now. Lifeline can use her ultimate to call a care package which is much faster. This contains defense-oriented items such as armor, shield and batteries. The game also has random supply drops which can contain better items such as the Kraber .50-caliber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun. These are items that you can only get from supply drops and you cannot find them anywhere else on the map.

18. Legendary Gear Has Perks

Legendary gear is better than Epic gear and these gear pieces also have unique passive perks that can come in handy. The Legendary Helmet reduces cooldown for tactical and ultimate abilities. The Legendary Body Shield regenerates your armor when you do a finisher. The Legendary Knockdown Shield gives you one self-revive when you are downed. The Legendary Backpack halves the time taken to use a healing item. All these perks can come in handy when you are up against the wall.

17. Take Advantage Of The Ping System

The ping system is very impressive indeed and you can use it in order to communicate vital information even if you are not fond of talking or do not have a microphone with you.

16. Round Duration

Each round is about 14-25 minutes long. This is much shorter than other battle royale games but is so because there are 60 people in total rather than 100. You should plan accordingly.

15. No Vehicles, No Titans

There are no vehicles in the game so you will need to run or use abilities in order to make your way across the map. There are no titans either. Fans have been asking for titans so we might get them in a future update but there is no confirmation as of right now.

14. Running And Gunning

Apex Legends is about running and gunning rather than long-range attacks. This is something that you should keep in mind and change your play style accordingly.

13. Number Of Segments

Each game is divided into 8 segments and the ring will get smaller in each segment. Players will be brought closer to one another each time. The game in total is around 14-25 minutes long and is shorter than an average battle royale game because of the fewer players that are on the map.

apex Robots drop loot

12. Loot Is Random

Loot is randomized in each match and different locations feature different tiers of loot. Once you enter into a zone the loot tier will be written under the name of the place. The blue circle is where the highest concentration of loot will always be found. This is something that you should keep in mind when deciding where to move to next.

11. No Fall Damage

There is no fall damage in Apex Legends. You can jump from as high as you want and you will not be affected. You can jump off the map though and doing so will kill you instantly. If you do fall off the map your crate will be teleported back up and your friends will be able to revive you. Jumping from high places can stun you for a small period of time. You can avoid this by using melee right before you hit the ground.

10. Guns And Attachments

There are 20 different guns in the game but they are only as good as their attachments so you will need to have both.

9. Headshot Deal More Damage

A shot to the head will deal more damage as compared to shoots to the body. Shot to the legs deal even less damage compared to ones to the body.


8. Jumpmaster

The jumpmaster controls where your squad lands. You can assign the jumpmaster before you jump but you can change this role as well. You can also disconnect from the jumpmaster whenever you want. Breaking off solo from your team will give you a slight speed boost. You can do so when you are close to the ground.

7. Holstering Your Weapon Lets You Move Faster

If you are running towards safety and need that extra boost in speed then you can holster your weapon. Doing so will let you move faster but you will be open to an attack as taking out your weapon does take some time. This is something that you can use when you need to move faster. It is also worth mentioning that you run at the same speed no matter which weapon you are using. You will not run faster with a rifle as compared to when you are holding a shotgun.

Mirage gets a small boost in speed when his ultimate ability is activated. You can use this if you are trying to get into the ring faster.

6. Characters Have The Same Health

All the characters have the same health. You can add shields in order to increase your defense but no matter which character you choose, all of them have the same effective health. They are only different when it comes to abilities.

5. Different Hitboxes

All characters in Apex Legends have different hitboxes which means that some are easier to hit than others. Wraith and Lifeline have the smallest hitboxes while Gibraltar and Caustic have the largest. Bigger is worse in this case as you will be easier to hit than characters with smaller hitboxes.

4. Characters Run At The Same Speed

All characters in the game run at the same speed. You might think that one character runs faster than the other due to the speed of arm animations.

3. Always Keep Moving

This is one of the best things that you can do. If you have looted an area then you should move to the next. You should not stand in place either. Always keep moving unpredictably in case someone is aiming at you. This will make it harder to lock you in sight.

2. Close Quarters Game

Apex Legends is a close quarters game. You should think twice before taking a long-range shot. If you do land one and the enemy is not dead then healing is not going to be hard. You should get close enough to deal real damage and finish enemies off without giving them the chance to heal. This is something that even seasoned players can have a hard time understanding.

1. Aggressive Players Have An Advantage

The close quarters nature of the game gives aggressive players an advantage. If you like to get in the middle of the action and are great at aiming up close then you should do great.

Apex Legends Tips

Here we have talked about some tips and trick that you might not know about when playing Apex Legends. Some of these tips are for beginners but there are some that even seasoned players can take advantage of.

Remember to stick to your team and communicate properly. This is something that will take you a long way. You might think that you can carry the team alone or that you can run off on your own but that will not get you anywhere. You have a better chance or surviving and winning if you stick with your team, help your mates and let them help you.

We hope that these tips prove to be helpful and allow you to have a better experience when playing Apex Legends!

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