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Proper gaming gear is essential when it comes to gaming and if you are playing MMO titles like WoW Classic then not only do you need a decent keyboard but a good mouse as well.

MMO players like to have plenty of buttons on their mouse so that they can map commands to the mouse rather than using the keyboard all the time.

If you are interested in getting the best mouse for WoW Classic then here we have compiled some of the best options that are available on the market today.

Best Mouse for WoW Classic

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1. Logitech G600 – Best MMO Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is an older mouse but it is great for playing games like WoW Classic because of all the programmable buttons that it has to offer. On the mouse, you have 20 programmable buttons which are the major selling point of this mouse. The mouse is ready to use out of the box but we do recommend that you use the latest drivers and the official software in order to make most out of the mouse.

The lighting on the mouse is customizable even though this is a relatively old product. That is a common trend in 2020 and it is a great feature to have. If you are not fond of lighting then you can turn it off as well. Out of the box, the mouse cord is long and properly sleeved. It does not have any kinks and looks like it is made of carbon fiber but that is not the case.

Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 is a great mouse for RPG games and MMOs. There are plenty of buttons on the side which is the major selling point of this mouse. They do take a while to get used to but this is still one of the best gaming mice on the market right now for playing games like WoW Classic.

Logitech has been making gaming gear for a while now the mice that the company makes are very durable indeed. A decently priced Logitech mouse is going to last you a couple of yours provided that you take proper care of it.

The Logitech G600 is not a relatively large mouse so if you have smaller hands then using it should not be a problem because of the ergonomic design. There are 12 buttons on the side and you will be able to use at least 8 of them without any issues. The buttons of the far back are a bit hard to reach. You might want to keep them as a backup rather than using them for primary functions.



2. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer is well-known for making great gaming gear and here we have the Razer Naga Trinity that is a versatile mouse that can be used for all kinds of games including WoW Classic. One one side you have the customizable panels that can come off. One of the mounts has the regular 2 button design. There is another one that gives you 12 buttons in 4 rows and the last one gives you 7 buttons in a circle.

With the Razer Naga Trinity, you get a lot of personalization. You get RGB lighting which can sync with other peripherals and components. The mouse is a bit large, so if you have smaller hands then it might not feel as comfortable as you would expect. The Trinity modules will let you play pretty much any game without having to change your mouse. They give you a lot of options.

Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity is a premium gaming mouse and comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a gaming mouse in 2020. If you are interested in getting a mouse that has a modular design and adapts to pretty much any game then the Razer Naga Trinity is a great option to consider.

The Razer software allows you to control different settings like lighting and button mapping. You can also save custom profile which is a great feature to have. 

The hyper shift feature allows you to map 2 different commands to the same button which gives you double the commands on the Razer Naga Trinity. If you want to keep the maximum number of controls on your mouse then this is a feature that you can use to avoid using the buttons on your keyboard.



3. Redragon M901

The Redragon M901 is a great budget mouse that comes with plenty of features. The mouse is available in Black and White. The Black version has Red accent just like other gaming gear that is available on the market in 2020. There are 12 buttons on the side like other more premium mice but this one has a considerably lower price tag.

The Redragon M901 comes with weights inside which can be added or removed in order to get the best feel possible. In total there are 18 buttons and 12 of them can be mapped according to the game that you are playing. There are three lighting zones which can be customized. There is a precision button on the side as well which can be used when sniping.

Redragon M901

The Redragon M901 comes with plenty of features and personalization options. If you are on a budget and are looking to get a decent gaming mouse then this is a great option to consider.

The DPI can do up to 24000 which is pretty high keeping in mind how much this mouse costs. The regular user might not feel the difference but it is still a great feature to have. The mouse has an ergonomic design and is comfortable to use even when gaming for extended periods of time.

The button mapping profiles can be saved on the mouse which is great. This way you can keep your settings even when you plug the mouse into a different system. The scroll wheel is pretty large and is comfortable to use. If you decide to remove all the weights then the mouse is pretty light.



4. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

The UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic design and plenty of customizable buttons for you to remap. On the left, you have the 12 programmable buttons and lip for your thumb to rest on. The lip could have been bigger but at least you get something. The soft rubber surface does feel good but at this price point more is expected.

The weight is average and you can customize how heavy it is if that is something that you prefer. The DPI of the mouse can go up to 8400 but higher DPI does not mean better accuracy. The mouse does not track on glass, which is something that you should keep in mind if you are interested in getting the UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse.

The 12 programmable buttons are divided into four groups and they have different angles in order to make differentiating between them a bit easier. It will take a while to get used to but in a few days muscle memory should take over. The buttons have great tactile registration and feel great to press.

UtechSmart Venus

The UtechSmart Venus is an impressive gaming mouse that comes with all sorts of features. The price is a bit high and you would expect better build quality for what you are paying.

The DPI shift buttons are on the top and there are LEDs that indicate the level of DPI. This is not something that you see on modern gaming mice and is a great feature to have. The profile switch button is located at the bottom of the mouse and you will have to turn it over in order to change profiles but the physical button is a great feature to have rather than relying on software.

There are 4 RGB color zones on the mouse and the software provides all the options that you need.



5. Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair is known for making some great gaming gear and when it comes to peripherals the company makes products that are not only functional but look great too. The Corsair Scimitar Pro is a perfect example of all that. The Corsair Scimitar Pro is one of the best MMO gaming mice on the market right now due to its shape, numerous buttons and design.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro makes some improvements of the Corsair Scimitar RGB that came out around 2 years ago. The design is pretty much the same and you need to take a closer look in order to spot the differences. The sensor is improved but if you are not a hardcore gamer then you might not be able to tell the difference.

Corsair Scimitar Pro

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is a bit expensive compared to the Corsair Scimitar RGB but it is still a decent gaming mouse. If you are interested in playing MMO titles and need the additional buttons then you would look into getting it.

The DPI can go up to 16,000 and if you are interested in learning about the kind of difference that makes, then keep reading on as we have covered that below. There are 12 programmable buttons on the side and the second and fourth columns are textured so that the user can differentiate between the keys more easily.

They are close to one another and they do take a bit of getting used to. The column on the far back is harder to reach, much like other mice with this kind of side button arrangement. The buttons and the RGB lighting can be customized in the Corsair software which is very useful and provides plenty of tweaks that you can play with.

Some things to keep in mind is that the Corsair Scimitar Pro is a relatively larger mouse and it does have some weight to it. If you are interested primarily in FPS games or like a lighter mouse then this is not something for you.



Are MMO mice worth it?

best mmo mice for wow classic

Why Gaming Gear Is Important

Gaming gear is made with gamers in mind. Gamers usually play games for a major part of the day. If not, they have pretty long gaming sessions when possible. Gaming gear is designed to be durable so that it can endure those long gaming sessions. Gaming gear also looks great compared to regular peripherals. While this does not have an impact on performance, if you are spending a lot of money on peripherals they should look good too.

If you have a fairly powerful gaming PC that can run games at your desired resolution and frame rate, the experience is not going to be great if you have a mushy keyboard, uncomfortable headset or a mouse that goes crazy from time to time.

While a gaming PC is important for gaming as it is going to power the experience, you need the right gaming gear to complement that game and make the experience ideal.

Gaming gear can also have special features that can make gaming much easier. Keyboards and mice often have additional buttons that can be mapped according to the game that you are playing. This can make it easier to pull off moves quickly when you back is against the wall. Gaming mice have more accurate sensors which allow you to be more precise when taking shots.

Why Get A Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice have better sensors compared to regular mice that you might find at work. They also come with additional buttons that can be mapped according to the game that you are playing. Some gaming mice are wired while others are wireless. If they are wired, then the wire is often braided, which increases the durability of the cord. As mentioned before, these products are made with durability in mind.

If you do go with a wireless option then keep in mind that the batteries will need to be replaced or recharged. There are some wireless mice that can be charged while gaming but they require a special mouse pad and are not common right now. While wireless peripherals are convenient and cool, remembering to charge them is something that you need to keep in mind.

Modern mice come with custom features such as adjustable weights. You can add or remove weights from the base of the mouse in order to get the weight just right for you. In 2020 RGB lighting is also a common feature. While it does not impact performance, it looks great and adds a personal touch to your gaming setup.

A gaming mouse can make a lot of difference when playing competitive titles like Apex Legends and it is one of the first things that you should upgrade.

DPI and sensors

Modern sensor mice are more durable and accurate as compared to the mechanical models of old. Optical sensors on mice are very small cameras. These cameras take photos of what the mic is sitting on.

The mouse also has a light which will shot the camera what it is looking at. The camera tracks mouse movement and converts it into cursor movement that you see on your screen. This is why you see a Red light on the bottom of optical mice but modern mice use infrared light as well which the human eye cannot see. The processor in the mouse detects the movement and speed of the mouse.

In simple terms the higher the DPI the quicker you can move the cursor. A lower DPI will lower the speed of your cursor. DPI can be important for gaming and you will often see high DPI mentioned on the box as a marketing thing. Whether or not higher DPI is worth it is still debatable.

wow classic in game keyboard

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting an MMO Gaming Mouse

The following are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you are in the market for a new gaming mouse.


DPI can be described as hardware-based mouse sensitivity. Unlike software-based sensitivity DPI is accurate. Different mice offer different levels of DPI and if you have a mouse with 16000 DPI for example then even a slight movement of the mouse will move the cursor a fair distance. Higher DPI mice come in handy when you have a higher resolution display. A lower DPI mouse on a 4K display will seem sluggish.

In some games, you might not need the higher DPI and that is why most mice have switches that allow you to change the DPI level. This allows you to increase or decrease the DPI without having to leave the game or mess around with the settings.

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mice

No matter what the manufacturers say a wired gaming mouse will always be better than a wireless one unless you are willing to pay a huge premium. At the end of the day this is a matter of convenience and reliability. Wireless mice are convenient but they are not as reliable as wired ones. Wireless gaming mice are expensive as compared to wired ones and if you are on a budget then you will have better luck getting a decent wired mouse rather than a good wireless one.

While some wireless gaming mice can be recharged, it is more than likely that it the option you are looking into will be powered by a battery which will need to be replaced when they die. This is another factor that you need to keep in mind. If the mouse does have rechargeable batteries then you will have to charge it. But that is not a major issue unless you spend most of the day using the mouse. You can easily charge your mouse when you are away from your system.

Programmable Buttons

Most mice have 2 additional programmable buttons but there are models that offer even more. For some people, these additional buttons can be completely useless but they do come in handy when gaming. If you play MOBA games like LoL or DOTA 2 then you can map commands to the mouse rather than having to press a button on a keyboard.

This can be very convenient depending on the game that you are playing and your personal preference. While more buttons are great, too many of them will just get in the way. 2-4 buttons are ideal and we do not recommend any more unless that is what you are used to. Apex Legends has a couple of abilities that you might want to map to the buttons on your mouse. Apex Legends also has the intuitive ping system which you can map to your mouse as well.


Weight is another important factor that you need to consider when you are in the market for a new gaming mouse. Some people like lighter mice while there are others that like a bit of weight. Premium mice come with compartments in which you can add or remove weights depending on your personal preference. Such features to come at a cost and you will not find many mice that come with weights in the entry-level price range. We have included some mice that come with weight adjustment here.

Laser Vs Optical

There are two different kinds of mice on the market, laser mice and optical mice. The general rule of thumb is that laser mice are much better when it comes to tracking and accuracy. They do tend to cost more compared to optical mice. If you are on a budget then you can trust optical mice to get the job done but if you can afford to get a laser mouse then you should.

Build Quality

A mouse can be a major investment for some people, especially if you are going to pay $80 or more. If that is the case then you are going to want to invest in a durable mouse that will last a while before you need to switch. Check for click ratings. These can give you an idea of how long a mouse will last. We have mentioned these figures in our recommendations. Another thing that you can keep an eye out for is the cable. A braided cable will last longer compared to a shielded one.

Summing Up

Here we have looked into some of the best gaming mice on the market for playing MMO titles such as WoW Classic. We have also talked about different aspects of gaming mice and the things that you should keep in mind when getting one. Remember that spending a lot of money is not going to make you a better gamer. Better gaming gear does help but you still need to practice and put in the hours in order to actually get good at the game.

Also keep in mind that at the end of the day, you are getting what you paid for. If you are looking for a more durable mouse that is going to last you a couple of years then you might want to spend a few extra bucks to ensure better build quality.

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