The Most Efficient Way to Level Your Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 2

With the new release of Season 2 of Apex Legends, we also got a brand new Battle Pass system compared to last season, so get your PC & Laptops ready!

There has been a lot of confusion about how the new system works and how it compares to Season 1.

Will it take even longer this time to reach level 100?

We decided to put together an infographic on everything you need to know on how to best level up your battle pass in Apex Legends Season 2. With the help and information from the Reddit user killbeam it became possible!

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Best Way to Level Your Battle Pass in Season 2

Most Efficient Way to Level Your Battle Pass in Apex Legends

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How the New Season 2 Battle Pass System Works

How the New Season 2 Battle Pass System Works

The first level costs 9,000 stars and/or match XP, when it increases with 9,000 for each level, up to a maximum of 54,000 XP.

This resets back to 9,000 each week.

If you hit the 54,000 XP per level, it will take about 5 hours of survival time XP per BP level (Compared to 82 minutes of survival time XP per level in Season 1).

There are two main ways of leveling the battle pass: Weekly challenges or Stars/XP.

The first is directly from weekly challenges that give +1 Battle pass level. The second way is through stars or XP, which you get from play and challenges that give stars.

The +1 BP level challenges do not raise the stars/XP cost of the next battle pass level.

For example, if you have 3,000 stars/XP and need 9,000 for the next level, but first you complete a +1 BP level challenges, you will still be at 3,000 out of 9,000 Stars/XP.

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The Most Efficient Way to Level in Apex Legends

Do the weekly challenges: Complete the 3 Weekly Challenges that give +1 Battle Pass Level. Weekly challenges won’t disappear after the week is done.

Do the weekly recurring challenges: Complete at least 10 dailies each week, to get the 2 extra Battle pass levels. these do disappear/reset at the end of the week.

apex legends battle pass levels

With a total of 5 ‘+1 BP level’ challenges per week.

Results in 65 levels, now you just need 35 levels to reach 100 or 45 levels to reach 110.

So the question is.

If you only earn levels at x cost or below, how many levels can you earn each week?

The entire Season is 13 weeks in total. 

how many levels can you earn each week apex legends

As you can see, completing only weekly challenges that are worth stars when your Battle Pass level cost is at 27,000 or below will be enough for level 100.

Or completing only weekly challenges that are worth stars when your Battle Pass level cost is at 36,000 or below for level 110.

This means that earning levels at 45,000 and especially 54,000 is a waste of stars.

It is better to save the weekly 6,000 star challenges until next week, if your cost is at 45,000 or higher.

However, you can try to reach 45,000 with only XP from play and stars from daily challenges. If your cost is already near 54,000, it might be better to wait for next week when the cost will reset to 9,000 again.

Pro Tip: Look out for the XP bar right before reset! Make sure you aren’t at like 53,000/54,000, or you’ll seemingly have earned that 53,000 XP for nothing as it will reset back to 9,000.

Also, match XP does contribute to Battle Pass level progression. You can see your progress under “see all challenges” from the main menu.

Fun fact: The total amount of stars earned from all weekly challenges (that give stars) and 10 daily challenges per week is EXACTLY the amount of stars you need to buy all levels at costs 27,000 or below.

This might very well be the calculation the devs used to balance this leveling system.
In order to reach level 100, you just need to complete every weekly mission they give you. If you want to reach level 110, you have to earn a little more stars/XP.

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What if You Miss any Weeks?

Missing a week (or more) worth of challenges would make it more difficult to reach level 100.

apex legends battle pass level progression

Each line represents a number of weeks you missed.

The % on the horizontal axis is the amount of daily quests you will complete in the remaining weeks.  If the line falls below the red line, that means you won’t get enough stars from the dailies you do to reach level 100.

For example, You will miss 3 weeks, and the goal is to reach level 100. If you look at the graph, as long as you complete 40% or more of the remaining daily challenges from the other 10 weeks, you will reach level 100.

These numbers are based on earning levels at 45,000 or below. If you decide to also get levels at 54,000; you could technically reach level 110 even if you miss many weeks, as long as you play enough to get the XP to catch up.

Apex Legends Season 1 vs. Season 2

How much XP needed for battle pass level 110 in Season 1 vs. Season 2.

apex legends season 1 vs season 2

In short, you could grind Season 2 by just playing, but it would take a lot longer.

It’s much better to just do (some) challenges.

You also earn XP towards the Battle Pass level from just playing the game. This was not taken into account since it varies a lot from player to player. The good news is that it will be somewhat easier to reach level 100 or 110 than the calculations show.

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