The Differences Between Classic WoW & Modern WoW

The long-awaited Classic WoW is just about to be released. Finally, some of us will be able to experience some very deep nostalgia.

However, what about if you only started playing World of Warcraft just recently or yet alone a couple of expansions ago?

How big are the differences between Classic WoW and Modern WoW and will a new player enjoy it? That’s a question many new classic players will wonder. After all, World of Warcraft just turned 14 years old this year and earlier launched its seventh expansion. 

Luckily, we have created this infographic with the 7 biggest differences, that definitely will be a significant change for the current WoW player. 

Differences Between Classic WoW & Modern WoW

Differences Between Classic WoW Modern WoW

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Hope you liked it, and let us know in the comments below what you think are the biggest differences.

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