Logitech G603 vs G703 – Wireless Mice Comparison

What the Difference Between Logitech G603 vs G703?

The two biggest differences between the Logitech G603 and the Logitech G703 is the form factor, and the G603 is a little bigger than the G703 mouse. Additionally, the Logitech G703 comes with a rechargeable battery while the G603 uses two AA batteries to run, which makes the Logitech G703 the easy pick here.

At first glance, the Logitech G603 & G703 looks pretty identical, except the different colors. So what is actually the difference you might ask?

No worries, today, we will go in-depth in both these mice to see what’s up and which probably is most suitable for your needs.

The mouse is also a crucial accessory when it comes to gaming. This device plays a vital role in various games, especially games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty & Apex Legends. However, there are a lot of gaming mice available in the market, and we will take a look if neither of these mice is suitable for gaming.

The biggest difference between them two is that G603 need either one or two AA batteries while the G703 have a built in rechargeable battery. Which in our opinion is well worth the money and you will save money on buying AA batteries.

In this article, we are going to make a comparison of the G603 vs G703 mice from Logitech. Without further ado, let’s get into the technical details.

Logitech G703

Logitech G703 review

Comparison winner


G603 vs. G703 – Comparison Table

Do you want to know the difference between the specifications of Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse and Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse? If yes, then the following table can help you to understand the basic specs of these headsets.

FeaturesLogitech G703 Light speed Gaming MouseLogitech G603 Light speed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Customize Buttons66
Advanced SensorPMW3366Hero
Custom LightingYesNo
BatteryRechargeableNot Rechargeable
DPI200- 12,000200 to 12,000
Weight9 ounces7.7 ounces

Other than the specs comparison table, we have also written an individual review of both these mice that will let you recognize more about the two products.

G603 vs G703 logitech

Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Talking about the gaming mouse and not describing G703 Mouse will be the worst thing to do. Logitech is a well-reputation brand that has made an excellent status in the gaming accessories market. The G703 Mouse has got all the stuff that you might want to include in your gaming mouse.

Logitech G703 is a pure black device with a dim and dark black shading. The upper portion of the mouse includes a dark black color while the side of this product has a faint black shade.

At the top end, there are three buttons similar to the traditional mice. The three buttons comprise of a primary switch, a secondary button, and a wheel button.

Each of the buttons holds a black color, and at the center of the wheel switch, you may see RGB lighting. This RGB light boost the beauty of this product.

Below the primary and secondary mouse button, there is a “G” logo representing the Logitech G brand. RGB lights are fitting in this trademark which adds charm to the headset.

Works with Wireless Charging System

Logitech G703 is among the best gaming mouse in the industry. This device delivers numerous features leading towards outstanding performance. Either you want a mouse for gaming or office use, Logitech G703 is a good choice for both.

The whole mouse has six programmable buttons are present that help the user to perform numerous tasks efficiently during gaming.

Moreover, the bottom end of this mouse, contain a 10G removable weight which holds a removable battery. At this edge, you might also encounter an ON/OFF switch that authorizes the user to turn ON or OFF the mouse.

Material wise, this device has a plastic and rubber material on it. Both elements make Logitech G703 a long-lasting product. The whole design comprises of the plastic body while the corners of the mouse carries rubber substance.

Thanks to the Nine ounces weight that makes it an easy-to-carry product. Other than the weight, it comes with the approximate dimensions of 1.7 x 2.7 x 4.9 inches.

logitech g703 mouse specs

Whether you want a mouse for individual gaming or esports event, Logitech G703 must be your first choice and that because of its features.

It is a wireless device that includes a light speed wireless technology offering latency to permits the passing of the signals quickly between the system and your mouse. Latency is a superior thing to look at while investing in a gaming mouse.

Logitech G703 has got excellent latency to deliver the best result. The PMW3366 optical sensor catches every single movement of the user’s mouse. This sensor only moves the cursor on the user’s demands.

Moreover, it has a rubber grip on both sides that enable the user to use this device for a more extended period without hurting their hands. This rubber grip contributes extra controls to the user.

It has a particular power play charging system that keeps the Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse charged during its operation. The charging cable permits you to switch this device into wired or wireless modes effortlessly.

On the other hand, it also restrains over 16.8 million colors for RGB lightning. You can select your favorite color as well as effect to add in the RGB section.

Another positive thing about Logitech G703 is that it is compatible with all the Mac OS as well as Windows versions.



Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G organization keeps on bringing numerous gaming mouse with a lot of changes. The Logitech G603 is another stunning product from the same brand. Similar to G703, the Logitech G603 also hold several features to boost your gaming experience.

Logitech G603 is quite identical to the Logitech G703 in terms of design. This device covers two distinct color combinations, including silver and black.

The top end of the G603 contains a silver shade while the edges have a dark black color on it. Alike other traditional mice, G603 also offer the same three buttons including right-click, left-click, and a wheel button.

The left and right button has silver color while the wheel switch holds black shade. Like G703, there is a “G” brand logo below two switches. However, you may not see the “G” logo and wheel button glowing, because the Logitech G603 doesn’t include RGB lights.

Two AA batteries Required

Are you tired of changing the traditional mouse again and again? If that is true, when test the Logitech G603 gaming mouse that delivers high performance as well as a long-lasting battery so that you can enjoy your gaming session for an extended time.

It also accommodates six-button at the side to perform diverse tasks with ease. The plastic and rubber matter makes it a reliable and durable gaming mouse.

At the bottom, this gaming mouse has a Hi-Lo mode which supports the user to switch between different modes with ease. This Mode also permits the user to turn ON or OFF the device.

The blue color print of “Logitech G603” at the rear side represent the brand model. It also has an indicator light that describes the connectivity of the gaming mouse.

Logitech G603 has got many things to make the user’s gaming experience better. It has a Hero optical sensor for high-graded performance.

This optical sensor quickly captures the mouse movements so that the user can move the cursor to the desired location. G603 is a wireless gaming mouse that demands an AA battery to operate.

Logitech G603 specs

The AA battery enables the user to have a 500 hours non-stop gaming session. However, the cells are not rechargeable, but you can change them by removing the cover of the mouse.

One thing is sure that you can easily use the mouse for numerous months without changing the battery due to the 500 hours charging life. Logitech G603 delivers a much faster performance in contrast to the wired mice because of the Advanced light speed technology.

Advanced light speed technology also submits a 1ms of response rate, which is quite a fantastic thing for rapid gaming action. Other than this, the Bluetooth and Light Speed option favors the user to connect this gaming mouse with multiples devices.

You can comfortably shift among two devices via a push button. Logitech G603 has a premium design that makes it’s lightweight and comfortable for the user. You can adjust the weight of this product by changing the number of batteries.

The user is given the option to add one or multiples batteries which makes it a customized device in terms of weight. Further, it also renders an on-board memory via which you can save your favorite mouse settings.



G603 vs. G703 – Comparison

Both G703 and G603 are from the same brand, but there are many similarities as well as dissimilarities both these mice.

Each of the device arrives with a distinct feature that contributes a different performance which makes it challenging to judge for the people that which mouse is the best?

However, to solve this query, we are going to compare Logitech G603 vs. Logitech G703 so that you can easily understand the real winner.


The Logitech G703 device has got numerous additional functionalities which you might not enjoy in the Logitech G603. G703 mouse holds a PMW3366 optical sensor while G603 contains a Hero optical sensor.

PMW3366 optical sensor operates better as compared to the Hero optical sensor. Although the difference in terms of the sensor is not much considerable, still there is a slight contrast.

Each of the devices contains six customizable buttons so that you can perform various activities effortlessly. G703 includes a rechargeable battery while on the other hand, G603 doesn’t include a rechargeable cell.

But the battery timing offer by the G603 gaming much is much higher. Both the devices authorize the user to remove the batteries, so you can switch the battery after facing any issue.

Each of the devices has an excellent response range and a similar 200- 12,000 DPI range. This DPI range grants a smooth motion of the cursor.


Logitech G703 purpose more features in differentiation to Logitech G603 due to which G703 has a superior performance. G703 has many advanced things to make the user’s gaming experience worth it.

The PMW3366 Gaming Optical Sensor, Powerplay Wireless Charging System, Advanced Button Tensioning, Customizable Brilliant RGB, 6 Programmable Buttons, and many more characteristics make the G703 a fierce competitor to defeat concerning performance.


From the design perspective, Logitech G703 and Logitech G603 both seem alike. The only way through which you can predict the difference between these two devices is by the color scheme.

There is a slight difference in the color style of both this product. Logitech G603 has a silver color at the top side while the Logitech G703 has a dark black shade on the upper end. Other than the shades, G703 contain RGB light while G603 doesn’t hold any such option.

Moreover, G703 weight is around 9 ounces with the dimensions of 1.7 x 2.7 x 4.9 inches while the load in case of G603 is 7.7 ounces with the approximate dimensions of 1.9 x 7.6 x 5.3 inches.


There is a bit of variation in the cost range of both these mice. The Logitech G603 cost is around $69.99 while to enjoy the features of Logitech G703 you need to pay around $99.99.

Regarding price, Logitech G603 is superior. You must keep it in mind that the amount of both these products may vary on some other platform or stores.

Although both G703 and G603 are by the same manufacturer, but they still have a different price range because of distinct features and performance.

Final Verdict – The Winner

Logitech G703 is the winner in this comparison. The G703 delivers numerous features which you might not experience in the G603 mouse.

Other than the features, G703 also dominants when it comes to performance, but its price is a bit higher. So if you want an affordable price product that can full fill your gaming need with limited features, then you can go with the Logitech G603.

However, in case you don’t care about the cost and want to experience the best features and performance, then you must test the Logitech G703.

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