Top 30 Tips on How to Get Better at Apex Legends

Apex Legends might be the new battle royal game right now but if you have played a few games, then you know that it is a bit more complicated than what you might think.

Losing games can be very frustrating indeed.

Here we are going to talk about the top 30 tips on how you can get better in Apex Legends, whether you are a new player or you have spend a couple of hours playing the game.

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Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Remember that while these Apex Legends tips are great you still need to put in the hours and do some practice in order to get better at the game.

Tips on How to Get Better at Apex Legends

30. Requesting ammo and attachments

If you go into your inventory, you can ask your squad for attachments or ammo for specific weapons that you do not have. This can be very helpful if you are low on ammo and just need that last attachment to fill up all the slots on your gun.

29. Pay attention to squad chatter

Squad chatter can give you vital information. It can tell you how far you are from the circle or how far you are from the rest of the squad. If you have wraith on your team then you will be notified when an enemy sees you or when there is an enemy behind a door.

All this information can be very helpful in combat and all you really need to do is pay attention. This chatter is not just for added effects.

apex Kicking doors

28. Kicking doors open can stun enemies

If you dick a door open, not only will you look cool doing it but it can also stun an enemy that is sitting inside. You can do the same by throwing a frag grenade at the door and blowing it so that it hits an enemy and knocks it back.

While we are on the topic of doors, it is worth mentioning that shooting the handle will open the door as well. This can be done to surprise the enemy. The enemy might think that you are at the door and fire at the door and hence reveal where they are sitting.
apex legends fire mode

27. Change firing modes

You can change the firing mode for some weapons. You can switch between fully automatic mode to single-fire mode. Single-fire mode is helpful when shooting enemies that are far away while fully automatic weapons come in handy when in close quarters.

You change firing mode by clicking on B (default key-bind) if the weapon you’re using has different firing modes available.

26. Charging shots for more damage

You can charge shots using the triple-shot sniper and the peacemaker shotgun when using the Precision Choke attachments. More powerful shots will deal more damage but the firing rate will decrease.

25. Running faster

You can run faster when you put your gun away. Holstering your guns in Apex Legends will give you additional speed. You can do this to get into the circle faster. You can also use this when flanking or backing out of a fight.

24. Using decoys when landing

If you are playing Mirage then you can send a decoy in a different direction when landing. This will confuse the enemies and they might go off searching for a player that is not really there. This will give you time to loot.

23. Sliding is much faster

In Apex Legends, the fastest way to go from point A to point B is by sliding. You can slide for a long amount of time especially if you are on a decline. You can slide down a hill much quicker than running and this method of traversing the map will make you it harder for enemies to hit you as well.

22. Reaching high ledges

Even though this game is based in the Titanfall universe, you cannot wall run. But you can reach pretty high ledges that might seem out of reach. Jump towards a high ledge, hold the jump key and you will be able to climb it.

balloons to get across the map

21. Using the balloons to get across the map

You will find balloons scattered across the map. You can stand on the platform under the balloon, press your use key and it will take you up in the air. Once you are up, you can enter glide mode again in order to move much quicker as compared to running or sliding. This can be used to get into the circle much faster or escape a fight that is not in your favor.

20. All characters move at the same speed

Bigger characters might seem like they run slower but the developers have confirmed that all the characters walk or run at the same speed and the difference that you notice is due to the different animations.

19. Legendary gear is better and has perks

Legendary gear is better than Epic gear and these gear pieces also have unique passive perks that can come in handy.

  • The Legendary Helmet reduces cooldown for tactical and ultimate abilities.
  • The Legendary Body Shield regenerates your armor when you do a finisher.
  • The Legendary Knockdown Shield gives you one self-revive when you are downed.
  • The Legendary Backpack halves the time taken to use a healing item.

All these perks can come in handy when you are up against the wall.

18. Damage numbers

When you deal damage to the enemy you see how much damage you have dealt in different numbers. Golden numbers indicate headshots and other colors show the different kinds of shields. If the number is red then that means that the enemy no longer has a shield.

You can push once you see this but it will depend on the different situations in which you find yourself.

apex Robots drop loot

17. Robots drop loot

You might have noticed robots in the game which also appear in the cinematic of the game. You can melee (or shoot) these bots in order to get high tier loot.

16. Round duration

Each round is about 14-25 minutes long. This is much shorter than other Battle Royale games, but is so because there are 60 people in total rather than the usual 100. You should plan accordingly.

15. Different crate colors

When you eliminate enemies they will drop loot boxes in different colors. These colors will tell you about the tier of loot that they have. If the crate is Golden then this means that the enemy has at least one Golden item. There is no guarantee that this will be a golden weapon. It could be a gold attachment as well.

14. Choose the legend according to your playstyle

Getting the Legend that matches your playstyle is going to take you a long way. Legends are equal when it comes to strength, speed and firepower. What sets them apart is their abilities. Pick the one that matches the way you play and compliments the rest of your squad.

If you want to act as a shield between your squad and the enemy then you should pick Gibraltar. If you want to help your team travel long distances fast, then you should pick Pathfinder. If you are interested in being the healer then you can pick Lifeline. You can try different Legends in order to see which one fits you the best.

13. Learn about the passive abilities of the different characters

Different characters have different passive abilities which you should know about. Not only will this give you an advantage when picking your legends but it will also let you know what you are up against in enemy encounters and what the enemy is capable of.

Pathfinder, for example, can locate where the next circle will be. This can be very useful as your squad can easily rush to the spot and wait for enemies to come.

12. No fall damage

There is no fall damage in Apex Legends. You can jump from as high as you want and you will not be affected.

You can jump off the map though and doing so will kill you instantly. If you do fall off the map your crate will be teleported back up and your friends will be able to revive you. Jumping from high places can stun you for a small period of time. You can avoid this by using melee right before you hit the ground.

apex legends revive allies

11. You can revive dead allies

If a friendly dies you can pick up their chip and take it to a respawn station in order to bring them back.

Remember that once the player is back all loot will have vanished and gear will have to be looted all over again. The respawn station is marked Green on the map. While you can only use a single respawn station once.

If two of your friends are down and you pick up both their chips, both of them can be brought back using the same station.

10. Shooting is heard in a 400-meter radius

Shooting at enemies can cause attention but only if enemies are in 400 meters of your location. Enemies that are further away will not be able to hear your shots.


9. The Jumpmaster

The jumpmaster controls where your squad lands. You can assign the jumpmaster before you jump but you can change this role as well. You can also disconnect from the jumpmaster whenever you want. Breaking off solo from your team will give you a slight speed boost. You can do so when you are close to the ground.

8. Movement on roofs is louder

Movement on roofs will give away your position much easily compared to other locations on the map. Your footsteps are louder when you are moving on rooftops.

7. Characters have the same Health

All the characters have the same health. You can add shields in order to increase your defense but no matter which character you choose, all of them have the same effective health. They are only different when it comes to abilities.

6. Shooting Bangalore’s smoke

Shooting smoke at a door will open it and you can also do so while you are reloading.

5. Stick with the squad

While this might not seem like a major tip, if you are playing with random players then you might not find it worth sticking with your squad but doing so will give you a better chance of winning the game. Work together to keep each other safe. You can outplay the enemy by combining different abilities.

Wraith can use the Dimensional Rift ability to flank the enemy while Caustic can protect your team with the Nox gas that will drive away enemies and cause panic amongst their ranks.

4. Weapons do affect running speed

The weapons that you have does affect how fast you can run. It does affect your movement when aiming down sight. Movement is much faster when you are aiming down the sight of an assault rifle compared to a sniper for example.

apex legends hitbox differences
Illustration By SookieSpy

3. Different character hitboxes

All characters in Apex Legends have different hitboxes which means that some are easier to hit than others.

Wraith and Lifeline have the smallest hitboxes while Gibraltar and Caustic have the largest. Bigger is worse in this case as you will be easier to hit than characters with smaller hitboxes.

2. Close combat game

Apex Legends is a close quarters game. You should think twice before taking a long-range shot. If you do land one and the enemy does not die then healing is not going to be hard.

The enemy might be able to heal by the time you are able to get close. You should get close enough to deal real damage and finish enemies off without giving them the chance to heal. This is something that even seasoned players can have a hard time understanding.

1. Push or leave Team Fights

If you engage in a team fight and you and your squad just shoots at the enemies for a long time, make a quick decision. Either push them or leave.

Firing will draw a lot of attention and you’ll be amazed of often you will get flanked in the back while having a team fight. Probably a big chunk of your games will end exactly that way, that could easily be avoided. 

Apex Legends Tips

Final Words

While these Apex Legends tips and tricks will make you better at the game, they are guidelines.

You will still need to put in the hours and get practice. Muscle memory and hand to eye coordination play a major role in such games that you will need those in order to win the game.

Other than that you should communicate effectively with the team. This is a team game and winning a solo battle is not worth it if you lose the game as a whole. Keep all these tips in mind and you should get better over time.

Best Mouse for Apex Legends in 2019

Logitech G Pro

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