How to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends – Best ways to earn XP & Rewards (Updated)

The Season 1 of Apex Legends has finally arrived! At first glance, the Battle Pass progression system can seem a little complicated. XP is what you need to progress in your season levels, with no specific in-game challenges.

You simply get experience by playing the game. Sounds easy right? It is, but you’ll soon realize it is going to be a quite time-consuming task.

Here’s everything you need to know about leveling your Battle Pass the most optimal way.

How to Level up Your Apex Legends Battle Pass (Infographic)

How to Level up Fast in Apex Legends

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Maximizing and optimizing your XP per hour will be essential if you do not want to grind, what feels like, forever. Luckily we have this complete guide on everything you have to know!

The Battle Pass can be bought in Apex Legends in-game shop for 950 Apex Coins. Moreover, you can actually earn back up to 1,000 Apex Coins as you level up your Battle Pass during the season.

This enables you to potentially buy the next season’s Battle Pass without spending any additional real-life money.

But only if you manage to hit level 97.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to get the maximum amount of XP per hour. That literally will cut off hours of game-play!

Apex Legends XP per Level

One level of the Apex Legends Battle Pass needs 29,500 XP, and you need 99 levels to hit 100. That would be 2,920,500 XP for level 100 or 3,215,500 XP for level 110.

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Level 100
2,920,500 XP
Level 110
3,215,500 XP
Admittedly, that’s quite an impressive amount of XP. The Battle Pass is supposed to fill a 3-month long season, so that’s probably why it takes some time to achieve.

However, your XP boost levels stack and all your squad members XP bonuses stack, which means that the first couple of levels will be the slowest. Progressively each level will get faster as you and your friends progress.

Keep grinding!

Apex Legends XP per Level

How to Earn XP in Apex Legends Battle Pass

There are mulpiply ways to earn XP in Apex Legends, but the most significant is simple survival time. Surviving teammates or being the champion is also giving a quite delightful chunk of XP.

The fastest way to gain XP is by survival time and placing within the top 3 of the match. The best way of doing so is with two friends and hitting the weekly survival XP limit of every Legend each week.

Each week you can get an extra 25,000 XP for each legend if you manage to do that with all nine legends you have an extra 225,000 XP per week! Also, with the Battle Pass, you get a 500 XP bonus for each ‘first kill of the day’ with each hero, giving an extra 4,500 extra XP per day.

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The bonus Battle Points are accumulating instead of resetting each week.

Here’s what you need to know about what amount of XP you get.

XP Per MatchXPBattle Pass Bonus
1 second team survived (friend bonus)0.15 (per friend)+0.075 (2.5%) per xp boost level (per friend)
1 second team survived3+3 (up to 25,000 xp per legend / week)
100 damage25
Ally revive25
1 kill50
Being kill leader50
Ally respawn200
Place top 3300
Play with/be the champion500
Win the match900

It would take approximately 20.8 hours of survival time per week to max out the 25,000 XP bonus for all legends.

Daily & Weekly XP Bonus

If you’re really serious about getting those rewards and level fast, there is some daily and weekly XP to be gained. Mainly the bonus XP for survival time of each legend.

Bonus XP Per DayXPBattle pass bonus
First kill of the day500
First kill of the day per legend500 (4,500 xp all legends)

Bonus XP Per WeekBattle pass bonus
25,000 bonus XP survival time per legend225,000 (all legends)

If you do this every single day, you’ll have an extra 256,500 bonus XP per week.

Survival Time Experience in Apex Legends

Here’s quick rundown of the survival time in Apex Legends. The math is by the Reddit users: crossmr & caroline-rg.

  • Survival time required to max one legend: 139 minutes
  • Minimum experience gained per maxed legend (per week): 50,000 XP
  • Level 110 would take around 300 hours to reach on survival time alone (no bonus, no teammates etc.)
  • Level 110 would take around 150 hours on survival time alone while always getting legend XP bonus (no teammates)
  • You get about 20 hours of legend bonus a week, 260 hours for the whole season, averages out to about 2.8 hours every day
  • You could get to level 110 in 7 and a half weeks on nothing but survival time XP and the legend bonus xp by playing 20 hours a week

This is the maximum time required if you are doing absolutely nothing than standing still in your games.
Obviously, you’ll get a lot more XP than just survival time when you’re playing matches.

High kill games, surviving to top 3 or winning the game will change time needed drastically!

Hope this guide was a help in the right direction regarding how to level up fast in Apex Legends. If you see anything you would like to add or have any other useful tips, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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