How to make Fortnite Run Better on Mac – Increase FPS & Optimized Settings

Do you want to play Fortnite on a Mac device with smooth gameplay?

Do you want to get rid of the low FPS and lagging issues while playing Fortnite on Mac?

Well, Don’t worry. This article will solve all your problems related to lag and FPS drops while you play Fortnite on your Mac device.

Fortnite is an FPS game where you have to eliminate your opponents with the help of different weapons. Now a lot of people face issues while they play Fortnite on a Mac. They meet problems like FPS (frames per second) drop, lagging, and average graphics display on the Mac device such as a Macbook. That’s mainly because of the system requirements. Lag and FPS drop makes a gamer very frustrated, and in a game like Fortnite, it is very important that the game doesn’t lag or border for you.

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So, in order to make Fortnite run better on Mac, you will have to apply certain techniques. These techniques will help you a lot in improving your Fortnite gameplay experience. This guide will allow you to optimize your Mac in such a way that it can play Fortnite easily.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic:

Fortnite System Requirements

The recommended system requirements for playing Fortnite with a smooth gameplay are as follows:

GPU: Intel HD 4000
CPU: Core i3 2.4 GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 or DDR4.
OS: Mac OS Sierra (or above)

These are the minimum requirements on which you can play Fortnite. Specs greater than these would be a great upgrade for you in enhancing the FPS rate and visual graphics of the game.

Well, here are some steps which can increase the gaming experience of Fortnite on your Mac. Some steps will require more work, and that’s up to you how much you are keen to optimize Fortnite on your Macbook. So, let’s take a look.

Get Boot Camp (Windows) For Your Mac

If you really want to increase the FPS rate of Fortnite by a very high score, you will need to get boot camp for your Mac. You will need to use a Windows OS on your Mac if you want to the ultimate increase of the FPS rate.

Most of the games tend to run better on Windows OS rather than of Mac OS. Fortnite is a game which also runs better on Windows OS. You can easily use Mac OS and Windows OS for the same time. Thanks to Apple which is providing a Boot Camp Feature. The boot camp feature allows you to install windows OS on a Mac device. After installed Microsoft Windows on your Mac, install Fortnite in the windows partition and run the game from here. You will see an immense increase in the FPS rate when it runs on Microsoft Windows.

So, this is one of the most advanced ways of optimizing Fortnite on Mac, and the game will run more smoothly than ever on your Mac. You can choose whether to run Mac OS or Windows OS after you start your computer.

Use Full Screen Mode

If you are using a windowed or windowed full-screen mode, stop doing it. It will decrease the FPS rate and will enhance the lagging issues on your pc as you play the game. Always try to use the full screen only. It will have a greater impact on the game and will help you a lot in increasing the FPS rate sufficiently. Your computer will easily handle the game if it is in full-screen mode. Besides, full-screen mode is better for yourself as well. You can get more clear details of the game in full screen rather than a windowed screen.

So, always play the game with a full screen if you want to play Fortnite with a smooth gameplay.

Set All Settings to Low

Make Fortnite Run Better on Mac

Well, this step will affect the graphics a little bit, but our primary concern is to make Fortnite more optimized right? For this reason, you have to make a small sacrifice. You should all the advanced and display settings to low before playing Fortnite. This will lower the burden on your GPU and in this way, you can easily play Fortnite with a smoother gameplay experience.

However, this will undoubtedly affect some of the graphics but will allow you to have a solid FPS throughout the game.

Well, you can keep the anti-aliasing and post-processor settings on medium to high as they don’t have an effect on FPS drop. So, make sure that you do this step to make Fortnite more optimized and playable on your Mac system.

Set Audio Quality To Low

A lot of people might wonder how can audio quality effect the FPS rate of the game. But after analyzing many reports, we are advising you to set the low settings of the audio as it also has an impact on the FPS rate. However, it doesn’t contribute as much as other factors, but still, if you really want to have maximum output from the game, make sure that the audio quality of the game is set to low settings. This will make the gaming experience more optimized and smoother.

Don’t Run any Programs in the background

We have seen a lot of gamers who don’t exit the background programs before starting playing Fortnite on a Mac. Well, running background programs decrease the FPS rate of the game sufficiently. It also creates an extra burden on the processor and GPU because other programs and apps are also using resources from CPU and GPU. So, before playing fortnite, make sure that you have closed all the background programs in order to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience without any issues.

Other Tips

Also, follow this tip to make Fortnite more optimized. Try to set the Performance Settings of Mac-shipping-Fortnite.exe to an above normal priority. To dedicate more resources to that application.

So, these were some of the steps that you should imply in order to make Fortnite more optimized on your Mac system. We guarantee that these steps will boost your FPS rate more than ever and you will end up playing the game with a much more smooth gameplay experience.

So, try these steps, and good luck in the Battle Royale!

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