K70 LUX vs K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire – Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Comparison

What the difference between Corsair k70 Lux vs k70?

The big difference between Corsair k70 Lux and Corsair k70 is the price and the keycaps. On the k70 Lux, keycaps have a bigger font than on the normal K70 keyboard. Other than that, the difference is next to none.

Corsair is known for making some great gaming keyboard and if you are in the market for one then you might be stuck choosing between the K70 LUX and the K70 RGB MK.2

Both are K70 keyboard but they have different features. Both are great options when it comes to mechanical keyboards but they have different prices and differ in features as well.

Here we are going to look into both of these keyboards and tell you which one you should get. By the end of this comparison, you should know which one is right for you.

K70 LUX vs K70 RGB MK.2 Comparison

The following are some of the key features of these keyboards that you might be interested in knowing about at a glance.

ModelK70 LUXK70 RGB MK.2
Keyboard TypeMechanicalMechanical
Switch TypeCherry MX BlueCherry MX Speed

You will note that while both are branded K70 and both are mechanical keyboards, they use different switches and come with different lighting. Now that we have got the basics out of the way, we can take a closer look at both these options and talk about the pros and cons of each. The following is an in-depth look at the K70 LUX and the K70 RGB MK.2.

k70 lux vs k70

Corsair K70 LUX

First we have the K70 LUX. This is a cheaper version of the MK.2. The keyboard comes with Cherry MX Blue. There is a tactile bump and these are mechanical switches. You do not need to press the key all the way down for it to register and that can be very helpful when gaming FPS games. Especially if you are looking for a keyboard for Apex Legends. The Blue switches come between Red and Brown.

The keyboard has the original Corsair logo on it which some people really like. The body of the keyboard is made of metal and it is solid. The included wrist rest makes typing and gaming easy on the hands. The keyboard has a textured pattern which you may or may not like.

Keycaps have Bigger Font than Normal K70

With the keyboard, you get the regular inserts and the keycap removal tool. You can replace the keys if you want to. The keyboard needs two USB ports to plug in but it also has a USB passthrough so you can plug your mouse into the keyboard and have the keyboard plugged into your PC.

There is a switch at the back which saves different presets which you can customize in the software. The K70 LUX comes with dedicated media keys so that you can change them on the fly without having to go into the menu of the game. You also have a small scroll wheel which can come in handy.

CORSAIR K70 software program

The software can be used to remap keys, customize lighting effects and all that good stuff. There are plenty of effects that you can play with but the keyboard only has Red backlighting and no RGB. Interestingly all this works even when the software is not running. That is a major plus point.

The price of the keyboard varies from place to place and it is often discounted as this is an older model but it is cheaper than the K70 RGB MK.2.

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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire

The MK.2 is an updated version of the Corsair K70 that came out around 5 years ago. Corsair has made a couple of great changes which make this keyboard very interesting indeed. The keyboard comes with Cherry MX Red switches and the lighting can be customized in many different ways.

The keyboard has dedicated media keys for changing different settings on the move and 100% anti-ghosting which ensures that all the keys that you press are registered accurately. You get all the features of the K70 LUX and much more. The integrated wrist rest is there for support when you need it. That is great for when you are gaming for a long duration of time but it also comes in handy when you are typing.

The keyboard has onboard memory which means that you do not need to rely on software in order to get the lights or macro keys going. The keyboard is made of anodized brushed aluminum which gives it a solid and premium feel. Rest assured that this keyboard is going to last you a pretty long time as that is how it has been designed. The Cherry MX Speed Switches are great for fast typing and gaming. These will come in handy when you are playing competitive titles and need to press multiple buttons quickly at the same time. The keys register as they should.

Best Value

The keyboard comes with USB pass-through so that you can connect a mouse or some other device into the keyboard rather than having to connect it to your PC. This can be very useful at times.

Corsair has kept all the great things about the K70 and made some improvements to the design. It’s not a gaming keyboard under $100, but it’s worth the price. The keyboard features individually backlit keys with RGB lighting and the Corsair logo has RGB lighting as well.

The keyboard is combat as compared to other mechanical keyboards that you can buy In 2019. There are no macro keys but I know that some people like to keep things simple and if that is the case with you then this is a keyboard that you should look into.

The keyboard still has the scroll wheel that can be used to control the volume. This is a great option to have on a keyboard and once you have used it you will not want to go back to anything else.

HP Pavilion gaming laptop is a very tempting device for the price. All you really need to do is add an SSD and this laptop will do the trick for you over the years to come. The hardware is decent and it is a good investment if you are looking to play games for the next 2-3 years.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire comparison

There are two large rubber feet at the bottom and around the stands that keep the keyboard in place. Inside the box, you get the MOBA and FPS keycaps which you can add on. Great if you are looking for the best keyboard for WoW and othersMMOs.

You also get the keycap remover that will allow you to replace the keycaps on your motherboard. All the keycaps come off so you can do a lot of fun customization. In included extra keycaps are great for gaming but if you are also going to do a fair bit of typing then you should stick with the standard ones that come with the keyboard.

The keyboard is available in different versions with different switches and styles. There is the regular model that we have talked about here but then there is the low profile version and the special edition as well.

Obviously, you are expected to pay more for exclusive features and if you are into that kind of thing then you should check out the different versions but the standard edition is going to be enough for the average consumer that needs a good keyboard for gaming and typing.

The price of the keyboard is reasonable. It is not too expensive keeping in mind the pricing of some other mechanical keyboards on the market but this is not a budget option either. The keyboard is a bit expensive when compared to the LUX but you do get a solid keyboard that is built to last and other features such as RGB lighting. You can look at this as a long-term investment as the keyboard is ogin to last you a fairly long time.



K70 or K70 LUX: Which One Should You Buy?

Now that we have looked into both of the options, which one is right for you? Well, the answer is that it depends. It depends on what you want and need in a keyboard. Do you need RGB lighting? Are you interested in paying more for better build quality? All that is going to factor in here.

The short answer is that if you want something from Corsair that is less expensive but comes with almost all the bells and whistles of a premium keyboard then you should pick the K70 LUX. It is a decent keyboard for the price and comes with pretty much all the features that a modern mechanical keyboard has to offer. It is great for gaming and for typing.

On the other hand, if you want to spend a little more money and get something even better. Or you are looking at this as a long-term investment, then you can go with the MK.2. The design is pretty much the same as the old one but there are a few changes.

For the price, it is a great keyboard and it does not cost as much as other high-end keyboards that you can buy in 2020. It is in no way a budget option but then again it is built well and comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a premium Corsair gaming keyboard.

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