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Treblab Z2 Wireless Headphones




The Treblab Z2 is a great pair of budget headphones. While the price is relatively low, the build quality is very impressive indeed and offers amazing audio quality for the price. The active noise cancellation is not the best but overall this is a great pair of headphones to get if you are on a budget, that performs like premium headphones.



Treblab Z2 is a very interesting pair of wireless headphones because of the features that you get for the price. The headset comes with the aux cable which is a nice touch. This allows you to use the headset even when the battery is not charged. The aux cable can be removed when it is not needed which is great if you travel and need to take your headphones with you.

The cable also has the mic which can be used when you need to attend calls or are gaming. The microphone is decent and can be used for voice chat. These are over the ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation. The box is minimal and has a look of the headset along with some features mentioned on it.

An interesting thing to note is that even though these are budget headphones, they come with a lifetime guarantee, which is amazing for a product in this price range.

Inside the box, you have a hard case that is covered in fabric. It is good enough to protect your headphones when you are traveling. There is a pocket inside for cables and chargers that you might need to take with you. The cover has a nice elastic band to keep the headphones in place when they are inside the case. The case comes with a strap as well which is a nice addition. Overall, the case has a minimal yet functional design that people will appreciate.

Treblab Z2 Review


Inside the box, you get the headphones, the cover and a flat aux cable. The following are the specifications of the Treblab Z2 that you should know about:

TypeWireless over-ear
PlaytimeUp to 35 hours
Charging Time3 hours
Bluetooth4.2 aptX
Signal Range33 feet
Speaker units40 mm
Noise cancellationActive, T-Quiet ANC technology
Water & sweat resistanceYes / IPX4


The headphones are mostly Black but there are White accents especially on the sides of the headphones. The design is very stealthy and most people are going to like that. The headphones are very like which is great for over the ear wireless headphones. Most wireless headphones are large and bulky but that is not the case here which is great keeping in mind the price.

Most of the body is made of plastic but that is one of the reasons why they are so light. They do not feel cheap and rival the build quality of premium brands. The leather ear cushions are very soft and are comfortable even when you have the headphones on for a long period of time. These are ideal if you are interested in listening to music on a flight or something similar.

Treblab Z2 headphones specs

The leather feels great and you can tell that it is of high quality and is meant to last. There is leather on the top as well. There is an embossed logo on the headband as well, which looks very cool indeed. It is subtle but it is a very nice touch.

Both earcups have buttons that you can use. On one side you have the power button for the active noise cancelation and on the other side you have the volume controls which also can be used to skip tracks and you have the pause and play button. You also have the USB port to charge the headphones and the aux cable port. The play and pause button is also used to power on or off the headphones.

The Treblab Z2 headphones look and feel great which is surprising keeping in mind how much money these headphones cost.

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The Treblab Z2 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 which allows you to pair with devices quickly with ease. It has a battery life of around 32 hours which is very impressive indeed and you need to charge it for around 3 hours. The sound quality is very impressive indeed for the price. The sound signature is very clean. The mids are balanced and pronounced enough. The bass is solid and it is not the fussy kind that distorts the rest of the sound. It has proper clean base like premium headphones.

The headphones use the new Sound 2.0 technology which makes listening to music very immersive and enjoyable. The 40mm drivers provide great audio quality. The active noise cancellation is not the best in the world. It does a decent job of removing the ambient noise that might be around you. If you have the feature on then you will sacrifice the audio quality which is a major bummer keeping in mind how great the sound quality is.

Treblab Z2 headset overview

For most of the people that buy these headphones, the active noise cancellation might not be worth it as it takes away most of the base and sound get hollowed once you turn the feature on. While it is a cool feature to have, it might be too much of a trade-off to actually turn it on but that will vary from person to person and depends on personal preference. The volume is pretty high so most people are not going to even need the active voice cancellation. If you do then the option is there.

The headphones are light to wear which is great and other than that the volume can get pretty high. The sound is pretty intense keeping in mind the price. The sound is very impressive indeed and you will think that these headphones cost three times the price even though that is not the case.

All things considered, the active noise cancellation is the only feature that could be considered “budget” when it comes to the Z2 headphones.

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The Treblab Z2 headphones are a great option to consider if you are on a budget but are interested in getting premium sound and build quality. The headphones sound amazing and the volume is pretty high. You can differentiate between the highs and the lows and the bass is powerful as well.

The only downside is that the active noise cancellation has not been implemented well. The feature does work but it sacrificed the quality of the audio which is a massive bummer. On the other hand, the earcups fit perfectly and the volume gets so loud that most people will not have to turn the noise cancellation on in the first place.

If you need a decent pair of headphones and are not interested in spending a lot of money then the Treblab Z2 is an impressive option to consider. It is great value for money keeping in mind the audio and build quality that you get for the price.

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